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About Us

Our Mission

At Blended Flavors, our mission is to create unforgettable experiences by exceeding your expectations with innovative southern Caribbean cuisine, exceptional service and creative presentation which includes our food, drinks and an atmosphere of good vibes.

About the Owner

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Blended Flavors was established in 2014 by Satasha K. Medlin, our Executive Chef and Owner. Chef Satasha has more than 15 years of cooking experience. Her love for cooking began as a young child in her grandmother’s kitchen. As she helped with  mixing cake batter and snapping peas, she realized she enjoyed every second of it.  After graduating high school, Satasha pursued her love for cooking and went on to professionally train at The Art Institute of Atlanta where she obtained her certification in Culinary Arts, her ServSafe Certification and American Culinary Federation License as well. She has prepared meals for some of your favorite celebrities and entertainers, she caters large events and is more than qualified to bring unique flavors together that your taste buds won’t regret.


Blended Flavors started out as a catering service in 2014 in Atlanta, GA.  During this time Chef Satasha did catering for companies, celebrities, and individual events. Chef Satasha would post her food on FaceBook, Instagram and began to draw a huge following of family, friends and referrals to her social media pages. 

Being an original Jersey girl, her food fans begin to request her services in NJ and she obliged, traveling back and forth between the two states catering.  The demand in New Jersey grew so she decided to open up a Restaurant  in 2018 on 222 Stiles Street in Linden, NJ. It was a small, but quaint place to start her business.  

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The Grand Opening was GRAND!!! It was insanely busy on Day 1. The crowds kept coming and coming to the point all chairs and tables had to be cleared out. From that day to this day, the crowd continues to show up. Thanks to all who supported us and hung in there with us as we tweaked and re-tweaked our business to better serve every customer. 


It was in Year 2020 that COVID-19 struck our country and many businesses had to shut down because of the spread and deaths that were being caused by this disease. Some restaurants shut their doors while other's stayed open for take out orders only.  Chef Satasha decided to keep Blended Flavors kitchen open for take out orders only. She limited the number of people to seven in the store at a time to properly social distant the customers.


Before COVID Blended Flavors had out grown the Stiles St. location and Chef Satasha took the leap of faith, finding a spacious location on St. Georges Avenue that she could make even more comfortable for the customers--giving more room for Dine-In and group reservations. However due to COVID-19, the restaurant continued with TAKE OUT orders for the next year and a half. A special THANK YOU to all our customers who followed us from the old location and to the new customers who found us and continue to support us during COVID.

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Sometimes we have to see the good in a bad situation. Although we were challenged by COVID, it allowed us to regroup and prepare a more wonderful Dine-In experience for our customers. We now offer a full service Bar in addition to our flavorful dishes. The space has gone through another renovation including the remodeling of both restrooms. Chef Satasha added a special Grass Wall so that our customers can make memories of their experience while dining with us. 


People come from near and far to experience Blended Flavors and we want to invite you to stop by if you live in the area or plan to visit the area soon. Our space is a good place for lunch breaks, date nights, groups (make reservation) or just an escape from the rat race. Our goal is to provide an environment that makes our guess feel welcomed and flavorful food that will satisfy your taste buds.  So come taste and see what everyone is raving about and if the Executive Chef , Owner is in the building, she will personally stop by your table to say hello. And don't forget to stop by our Grass Wall and make memories you can share with family and friends.

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Thank you to every person, customer, family, friends, my Mom & Nanny for the love and support during this chapter of my life...the journey continues!

Satasha K. Medlin
Executive Chef, Owner of Blended Flavors

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Thanks Mom!

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